Here is what RIVERMorph® users have to say about this powerful stream restoration tool. 

This represents an enormous amount of work organizing natural channel design data and providing many of the checks needed along the way. Great job!
- Sandy Verry, USDA

Because this is such a data-intensive methodology, I can't imagine trying to manage the data without a tool like RIVERMorph®.
- Will VanDeValk, Delaware Co. Soil Water Conservation District

As a professional hydrologist and analyst, it saves me time and allows me to do a more thorough analysis of a multi-facet project.
- Richard Dyrland, Fish First

RIVERMorph®... has been one of the most powerful research tools I have used while completing some complicated geomorphic studies and analyses...
- Barry Southerland, Ph.D. Candidate, Washington State University

This is a useful tool particularly for iterating design solutions. Good job!!
- Chris Philips, Riverbend Engineering

I would recommend this software to anyone doing stream work just simply because of the time saving features that exist in it and the types of data that can be collected into the database.
- Ron Spears, Environmental Services, Inc

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