Software Activation

A new licensing system is being used with RIVERMorph®. It will need to be activated on a new install or after you upgrade from an earlier version. When you run RIVERMorph® for the first time, you will be presented with an activation window containing two codes, the MID (machine ID) and the Site code. The MID contains information about the machine RIVERMorph® is installed on, and the Site code is a unique value that represents the software installation itself. Using these two codes, RIVERMorph, LLC can determine the validity of reactivation requests based on the underlying hardware in the machine RIVERMorph® is installed on. Once the MID and Site codes are emailed to the software vendor, RIVERMorph, LLC will provide an Activation code for the application that will unlock the software.

The fastest method for obtaining your Activation code is to leave the application running on your desktop, open a new email message and paste the contents of the MID and Site code fields into an email.

Send the email to with your name and company name. Your authorized Activation code will be created and sent to your email account within the next business day. If you do not have a purchasing agreement or receipt for RIVERMorph® additional information may be required. It is important that you keep the Activation code in an easily retrievable safe place, because it is required as part of any license transfer operation.

Software Transfer

To transfer a RIVERMorph® license (activation codes) from one computer to another:

  1. Install RIVERMorph® on a second computer using the setup.exe. This is the Target Computer.
  2. Launch RIVERMorph® from the start menu and it will display the initialization screen and prompt the user for an Activation code. Record the site number displayed on the Target Computer.
  3. Find a machine that has been activated (Source Machine) and turn the Scroll Lock keyboard feature on. Launch RIVERMorph®. The initialization screen will display.
  4. Select the "transfer" option on the Source Computer.
  5. Enter the Activation code used to activate the Source Computer.
  6. Enter the New Site Code from the Target Computer.
  7. Click "Continue" on the Source Computer. RIVERMorph® will display a new Activation Code that can be used to activate the Target Computer.
  8. Enter the Activation Code created by the Source Computer into the initialization screen of the Target Computer.
  9. RIVERMorph® will then be disabled on the Source and enabled on the Target.

RIVERMorph® saves your Activation code in a file named "ActivationCode.txt" in the application directory for future reference.

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