RIVERMorph® is designed to streamline time consuming tasks performed by river restoration professionals. The interface is easy enough to use that most people can start working with the software right after installation. RIVERMorph® manages data in a friendly "River Tree View" that allows users to visualize the entire river and reach the database at a glance. A Microsoft® Outlook®-style toolbar groups common commands into a familiar and easy-to-use toolbox. Tabbed forms, hyperlinks, and modern controls are used to help make this interface quick, easy and fun.


RIVERMorph® is designed to aid all aspects of river restoration including assessment, monitoring, and natural channel design. The interface is linked to a database on your machine that can be shared with other users.

Tools are provided for stream classification, survey data reduction and plotting, discharge gage analyses, Pfankuch channel stability analyses, bank erosion prediction, natural channel design, regime equations, regional curves, and interfacing with engineering software such as HEC-2, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, TR-55 and more! RIVERMorph® also features a GIS interface to facilitate measurement of planform features.

Feature Details

Click here to see a brief description of some software tools including: GUI, Cross Section Tool, Profile Tool, Channel Materials, Stream Classification, Pfankuch Channel Stability, Natural Channel Design, Resistance Equations, Regime Equations, Gage Analysis, and Additional Information.

Minimum System Requirements

RIVERMorph® requires Windows.

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